What is Conservation Landscaping?

Conservation Landscaping promotes the ever important need to benefit our environment by reducing water usage and pollution.


The benefits of conservation landscaping are not only environmental, but also provide other benefits to the homeowner. 


-Less pollution: Did you know that lawnmowers produce up to 10x more pollution than vehicles?

-No need for fertilization: Reduces nitrates entering our groundwater, which cause cancer and other health issues.

-Water Conservation: Northern Nevada is a high desert climate with an annual rainfall of only 7 inches per year and Lake Tahoe serving as our primary water source. Since water in our region is a precious and limited resource, it is extremely important to use water conservatively and responsibly.

The average lawn uses approx. 41,500 gallons of water each year. 

(Conservation landscaping with Hardscape saves 50%-70% of your residential water usage.)

Saving water also saves energy! Energy is used to treat and pump water through distribution systems into our homes.




-Water Bill reduced by 50%-70% in the average home.

- No need for lawn service.

-No need for gas or oil for lawnmowers



- No dead patches/"Urine Spots"

-Prevents Bacteria buildup from urine and feces



- Does not produce or harbor air-born allergens

-Prevents skin sensitivies that often come with grass

-Allows you to add more outdoor living space to areas that are difficult to grow in (shady areas and areas that are difficult to water)



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